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1Exh.1.0.1NLU establishment decisionDecision
2Exh.1.0.2Strategy, Vision and Mission of NLUDocument
3Exh.1.0.3Vision, mission and educational philosophy of FASVMDecision



4Exh.2.1.1Website of FASVM and NLUWebsite
5Exh.2.1.2Decision on the promulgation of FASVM’s ELOs in 2014 & 2017
aDecision on the promulgation of FASVM’s ELOs in 2014Decision
bDecision on the promulgation of FASVM’s ELOs in 2017Decision
6Exh.2.1.3NLU regulation on executing of contributing feedback from all related partiesDecision
7Exh.2.1.4NLU’s Quality Assurance HandbookDocument
8Exh.2.1.5Education Law & Regulation of MOET
aChapter VI, Education Law established in 2005 and 2012Document
bRegulation 43 of MOET on credits educatingDocument
cNational level frame published in 2017Document
dUnited document No: 17/VBHN-BGDĐT, united of Regulation 43 and Circular 57Document
eRegulation on credits educatingDecision
9Exh.2.1.6Feedback from stakeholders, alumni, students and lecturers from 2012-2017
aMeeting minutes + Summarized reports of Alumni and stakeholders feedback in 2012, 2015, 2017Document
bInvestigation form and survey reports of student in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017Document
cAnnual meeting minutes of FASVM on contributions for the curriculum in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017Document
dMeeting minutes of FASVM’s Board of Science and Education on ELOs and curriculum in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017Document
eInvestigation form for students and lecturers on ELOs and curriculum + ReportDocument
fFASVM conference report on ELOs in 2011, 2014, 2017Document
10Exh.2.1.7Programme comparison report in 2011, 2014, 2016Document
11Exh.2.1.8FASVM’s Student HandbookDocument
12Exh.2.1.9Decision on establishment of NLU & FASVM Academic and Scientific Committee
aDecision on establishment of FASVM Board of Science and EducationDecision
bDecision on establishment of NLU Board of Science and EducationDecision
13Exh.2.1.10Programme specificationDocument
14Exh.2.1.11Course syllabus constructing & revision
aCourse syllabus constructing processDocument
bCourse syllabusDocument
cDepartment/FASVM meeting minutes about course syllabus revisionsDocument


15Exh.2.2.1Table of Entrance score statistics in 5 years (2012 – 2017)Document
16Exh.2.2.2The Veterinary Medicine DiplomaDocument
17Exh.2.2.3Curriculum MapDocument
 18Exh.2.2.4Mapping CLOs to the ELOSDocument


19Exh.2.3.1Different versions of the Curriculum in 2011, 2014Decision
20Exh.2.3.2Assessment RubricsDocument
21Exh.2.3.3Teaching scheduleDocument
22Exh.2.3.4List of equivalent subjectsDocument
23Exh.2.3.5List of students who study a second diplomaDocument


24Exh.2.4.1Educational philosophy of FASVMDocument
25Exh.2.4.2FASVM’s Lecturers HandbookDocument
26Exh.2.4.3Student-Faculty Dean Board Meeting minutesDocument
27Exh.2.4.4Seminar on teaching and learning methodDocument
28Exh.2.4.5Teaching method training for academic staff
aList of lecturers participated in the teaching method trainingsDocument
bPictures of the training courseImage
29Exh.2.4.6Proof about applied study activities, self-study collaboration, practical approachImage
30Exh.2.4.7Syllabus of field trip coursesDocument
31Exh.2.4.8Special presentation activities
aList of subjects contain special presentation and ratioDocument
bSpecial presentation reportDocument
32Exh.2.4.9MOU contracting with company
aMemorandum Of UnderstandingDocument
bCooperation AgreementDocument
33Exh.2.4.10Student research activities
aList of research projects of studentDocument
bStudent participated in conference presentationsImage
34Exh.2.4.11Activities of English clubImage
35Exh.2.4.12Layout of subject registration websiteWebsite
36Exh.2.4.13List of subjects which were taught in EnglishDocument
37Exh.2.4.14Activity plan of Youth Union, Student AssociationDocument


38Exh.2.5.1Student recruitment regulationDocument
39Exh.2.5.2Sample of rubric practical assessment of subjectsDocument
40Exh.2.5.3Thesis & graduation essay
aList of Graduation researchesDocument
bBoard of Graduation thesis defendsDocument
cSample of rubrics especially for internship, project and thesis writingDocument
dSamples of Thesis, graduation essayDocument
41Exh.2.5.4Examination activities
aBank of examination samplesDocument
bHandbook of examination hand overDocument
cProcedure of examination issuesDocument
eExams selecting and copying procedureDocument
fExams selecting and copying reportDocument
gExams monitoring procedureDocument
hAssignment list of exams monitoring staffsDocument
iDeliver and receive exams procedureDocument
jExams submission and result announcement protocolDocument
kEducating regulations on examination, student assessmentDocument
42Exh.2.5.5Recognition decision of individual rewardsDecision
43Exh.2.5.6Complaining procedure
aScore complaining formDocument
bComplaining procedure in related to studying resultsDocument


44Exh.2.6.1Academic staff manpower
aHuman resource emplacement in 5 yearsDocument
bHuman resource emplacement at NLUDocument
cList of retired lecturers and new employee recruitmentDocument
dDevelopment plan for Associated ProfessorDocument
eList of academic staffsDocument
fScientific curriculum and diploma of academic staffDocument
gList of Management staffsDocument
hDecision on management staff designationDecision
45Exh.2.6.2Training activities for academic staff
aThe human resources training and developing procedureDocument
bScholarship announcement from International Relationship OfficeDocument
cInvestigation of learning demands of academic staffsDocument
dTraining and Learning demands investigation summaryDocument
eTraining plans for academic and support staffDocument
fList of lecturers undertake post-graduates study 2012-2017Document
gDecision on studying abroad for lecturersDocument
hList of lecturers participated in short training course abroad, international and national conferenceDocument
iPictures of MOU with Queensland University, OIEImage
jProfessional qualification or University teaching theoryCertificate
46Exh.2.6.3Teaching activities of academic staff
aSemester teaching scheduleDocument
bForm and 10 result samples of class attendance and investigation in different yearDocument
cInvestigation form on class attending hoursDocument
dInvestigation procedure, checking the execution of teaching regulation of lecturersDocument
eFunction of Education InspectorDocument
fReport on class attending hoursDocument
gReport on examination investigationDocument
hAppearance of documents supporting websiteWebsite
47Exh.2.6.4Research activities of academic staff
aList of international papersDocument
bList of national papersDocument
cProceeding of APVS 2013, FAVA 2016, AVS 2015, 2017, FASVM conferenceDocument
48Exh.2.6.5Academic staff recruitment
aStaff recruitment procedureDocument
bStaff recruitment planDocument
cCriteria checklist for staff recruitmentDocument
dRegulation on lecturer standardDocument
eStaff recruitment announcement (website, etc)Document
fDecision on assigning probationary guiding academic staffDecision
gDocuments for probation expiration of academic staffDecision
hDecision on recognition of probation period of academic staffDecision
iJob descriptionDocument
49Exh.2.6.6Planning of core development strategy of FASVM 2011-2015, 2015-2020Document
50Exh.2.6.7Human resource policies related to academic staff
aDecree No. 29/2012/NĐ-CP on 12/4/2012 of the government about recruitment, executing and managing of staffsDocument
bLabor lawDocument
cLaw No. 22/2008/QH12 Law of academic staffDocument
dLaw No. 58/2010/QH12 Law of servantDocument
eRegulation on internal criteriaDocument
fRegulation on working condition, duty and benefits of lecturersDecision
gDescription of personal tasksDecision
hClause 22: About standard working hour for lecturers, Regulation on internal criteria of NLUDecision
51Exh.2.6.8Services activities of FASVM academic staff
aPictures of One Health trainingImage
bDecision + List of student and lecturer attend vaccination compaign for animalsDecision
cMeetings minutes with stakeholdersDocument
dList + Pictures of Training course at FASVMDocument
52Exh.2.6.9Emulation and rewards for academic staff
aDecision on awarding for staff annuallyDecision
bStaff assessment and classification report, assessment formDocument
cDecision on recognition RewardsDecision
dInstruction on competing and award assessmentDocument
eDecision on salary level increase, seniority pay for academic staff, servant 2013Decision
fDecision on early salary raise of FASVM academic staffDecision
gReport on individual staff assessment 2016, 2017Document
hTeacher’s day pictures, New Year MeetingImage


53Exh.2.7.1Support staff manpower
aHuman resourse development planDocument
bStatistical analysis number of academic staff qualificationDocument
cList of library human resource based on qualificationDocument
dList of laboratory management staffsDocument
eList of support staffsDocument
54Exh.2.7.2Support staff recruitment
aSupporting staff recruitment planDocument
bRegulation on criteria for selection of supporting staffsDocument
cSupporting staff recruitment announcementDocument
dList of retired staff and new recruitmentDocument
eDecision on assigning probationary guiding support staffDecision
fDocuments for probation expiration of support staffDocument
gDecision on recognition of probation period of support staffDecision
55Exh.2.7.3Training for support staff
 aDecision on training for supporting staffsDecision
 bList of support staff attend the training courseDocument
 cMail system, website, texts, etc. on feeding-up allowances informing (supporting staffs)Website
56Exh.2.7.4Emulation and rewards for support staff
aCompeting and awarding classification and awarding table for officesDocument
bRecognition decision of competing award and awarding form 2015-2016: individuals and groupDecision
cSalary increase decision for academic and support staffs from 2011-2016Decision
dDecision on early salary increase of supporting staffDecision


57Exh.2.8.1NLUHCM student intake policy and admission criteria
aEnrollment regulation and announcementDocument
bStrategy and approaching activities, career orientation for high school studentsDocument
cStudents intake policy, admission criteria, benchmark analyzed table and graphDocument
dStudent enrollment handbookDocument
58Exh.2.8.2FASVM student intake and quality
aList of successful candidatesDecision
bAnnouncement of successfully selectedDecision
cComparison table, Recognition decision for top ranked studentDecision
59Exh.2.8.3List of supporting services for students
aList of advisors from 2012-2017Decision
bDecision of the function and duty of the Student Affair OfficeDecision
cCareer Affair day (list of companies participated and photo)Document
dInformation of part-time jobs and job opportunitiesDocument + website
eEstablishment decision of Student affairs office and Companies Relation CenterDecision
fEstablishment decision of Psychology consultation teamDecision
gAssignment decision of assistant Dean of student affairsDecision
hAssignment decision of FASVM’s advisorsDecision
iSoft skill seminar and training coursesDocument Image
jQuestions and answer websiteDocument
60Exh.2.8.4FASVM student meeting minutes and activities plan
aNew students meeting minutesDocument
bClass meeting minutesDocument
cPlan for Welcoming new studentDocument
dWelcoming new student activitiesImage
ePictures of outdoor activitiesImage
61Exh.2.8.5Student scholarships and awards
aStudent awardsDecision
bUniversity scholarship considering meeting minutesDocument
cList of students who received university scholarshipsDocument
dList of companies sponsored for FASVM’s student scholarshipsDocument
eList of FASVM’s student received sponsorship from companiesDocument
62Exh.2.8.6Feedback from fresh graduate students
aInvestigation form for fresh graduate studentsDocument
bSummarization report of fresh graduate student investigationDocument


64Exh.2.9.2Staff office, hall, classroom and laboratory
aList of FASVM’s officeDocument
bStaff officeDocument
cClassroom and laboratoryImage
dOffice total area statisticsDocument
eClassroom, laboratory regulationsImage
fClassroom and laboratory total area statisticsDocument
gStudent hall total areaDocument
hPictures of student hall activitiesImage
65Exh.2.9.3Library resources and activities
aList of textbooksDocument
bBook orders formDocument
cList of magazines from 2012-2017Document
dList of FASVM library documentsDocument
eLibrary management software adjustment contractDocument
fDecision of the function and activities of libraryDecision
gRules of libraryDocument
hInvestigation result of students who used the libraryDocument
aList of electronic textbook and documentsDocument
bSample of e-databases (Vetstream, Royal canin…)Website
67Exh.2.9.5Veterinary Hospital
aList of Veterinary Hospital possessed equipmentsDocument
bActivities of Veterinary HospitalImage
68Exh.2.9.6Activities of Practical farmDocument
69Exh.2.9.7Plan of purchasing, maintenance and checking of the facilities and equipments
aFacilities purchasing procedureDocument
bPlans of purchase facilitiesDocument
cFacilities checking procedureDecision
dAnnual facilities checking report 2015, 2016Document
eFacilities usage recording handbookDocument
fFixing, maintenance and purchasing planDocument
gFacility management office websiteDocument
hHotline for maintenance facilitiesImage
70Exh.2.9.8IT facilities
 aContracts on connection improvingDocument
 bList of emails contacts of staffDocument
 cList of computersDocument
 dEducational software licensedDocument
71Exh.2.9.9Student dormitory
aReport of dormitoryDocument
bCo May Dormitory (pictures)Image
72Exh.2.9.10Sport facilities and activities
aFootball field designDocument
bList of sport supporting facilitiesDocument
cSport stadium constructing contractDocument
dTotal area for sports activitiesDocument
73Exh.2.9.11Health care
aList of students attended for health check 2013-2015Document
bStudent health insurance formDocument
cList of students participated in health insurance programDocument
dHealth check contract 2012 – 2017Document
eAnnual health check planDocument
fHallways, special toilets for disabilitiesImage
74Exh.2.9.12Security and safety regulations
aEstablishment decision of security teamDecision
bDecree No. 06/2013/NĐ-CP on security teamDocument
cNLU regulation about securityDecision
dEstablishment decision of Fire prevention and fightingDecision
eFire prevention and fighting regulationsDocument
fPre-holiday announcement about Fire Fighting TrainingDocument
gPictures of regulations and ordersImage
hFire prevention and fighting training courseDocument
 iEstablishment decision for the Department of Safety technique – Industrial protectionDocument


75Exh.2.10.1Alumni association activities
aActivities of Alumni associationWebsite + image
bMeeting miniutes between FASVM and Alumni associationDocument
 cMeeting minutes on outdoor activities constructionDocument
 dDepartment meeting minutes and specialized presentationDocument + Image
76Exh.2.10.2Self-assessment and Quality assurance regulations
aEstablishment decision of Self-assessed Board, Secretary department and Self-assessed department 12/8/2015 and 6/6/2017Decision
bEstablishment decision of AUN teamDecision
cSelf-assessment plan of AUNDocument
dSelf-assessment report at NLU levelDocument
eExternal self-assessment projection planDocument
fEstablishment decision of the Examination and Quality Assurance center + Function of the Examination centerDecision
77Exh.2.10.3Activities of scientific technology transferImage
78Exh.2.10.4List of courses applied the research outputsDocument
79Exh.2.11.1Graduating consideration
aRegulation on graduating considerationDecision
bGraduating consideration announcement of the Academic affairs officeDocument
cProcedure of dropout studentsDecision
80Exh.2.11.2Plan of studying and subject registration
aAnnouncement of the Academic affairs office on subject registration each semesterDocument
bAnnouncement of Studying schedule publishing of academic yearDocument
cPlan of online registration and adjustment the coursesDocument
81Exh.2.11.3Admission requirement for Co May DormitoryDocument
82Exh.2.11.4Feedback of Graduated student
aGraduated student ability to satisfy job requirements investigation formDocument
bGraduated student investigation form (6 months after graduation)Document
cInvestigation form of Employability status of student after graduationDocument
dList of successful alumni of FASVMDocument
83Exh.2.11.5Financial distribution of scientific technology activities for studentDocument
84Exh.2.11.6Scientific awards and other Scientific conference awardsCertificate
85Exh.2.11.7Online media: