Department of Animal Production

Location: Veterinary Experimental Center – Nong Lam University – Quarter 5, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel: +84 39 4444 790 (Ms. Nhan)


The Department of Animal Production was established in 1977 based on its separation from the Department of Animal Genetics & Breeding and Animal Production. Since then, a head of the department has managed and coordinated the research and teaching of the department. Throughout the generations, the heads of the department have inherited and contributed actively to the development of the department. From 1977 to 2012, the teachers undertook the position of the head of the department include:

  • Dang Dac Thieu
  • Prof. Nguyen Bach Tra
  • Vo Van Ninh

Since November 2012, the head of the department has been Assoc.Prof. Che Minh Tung.

For over 60 years, there have been many generations of teachers continuously dedicate to the development of education, such as:

Assoc. Prof. Le Dang Danh

Assoc. Prof Lam Thi Minh Thuan

MSc. Chau Chau Hoang

MSc.Nguyen Kim Cuong

BSc. Nguyen Van Tu

B.Sc. Nguyen Xuan Hanh

BSc. Pham Kim Hoa

BSc. Luong Minh Hong

BSc. Phan Thanh Hong

BSc. Trinh Son

BSc. Nguyen Le Quynh Nhu

Mrs. Ha Thi Phuong

At present, the Department has 6 lecturers and 1 laboratory technician manager, among them: 1 Associate Professor, 1 Doctor of Philosophy, 5 Masters of Science.

Human resources

The Department always highly consider building highy quality human resources to contribute in teaching, training and research. At the same time, we are always interested in promoting the development of young workforce generations. Although the department has been rejuvenated, there is an urgent need of lecturers in the coming years.

Members of Department

Research interests

With the desire of promoting in-depth researches to enhance animal productivity, animal health, and animal products quality, the Department of Animal Production focuses on studying:

  • Relations between nutrients and natural bioactive substances, and their effects on immune function and disease resistance in animals
  • Influence of nutrition to gene expression
  • Assessing nutritional values of the new feed sources for livestock
  • Using supplementary feed for livestock to improve animal productivity and animal health
  • Improving the quality and value of animal products (meat, eggs, milk)
  • Assessing meat quality and improving swine breeds
  • Techniques for animal feeding and rearing