Thông báo giải thưởng của tổ chức One Health dành cho sinh viên (09/2014)

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I would like to inform you about the Global Alliance for Rabies Control’s new competition.

Rabies is preventable and global elimination of this terrifying zoonosis is possible. Veterinary and medical students have an essential future role to play in making this a reality.

To celebrate the 8th annual World Rabies Day on September 28th, the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association, the International Veterinary Students’ Association and the Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC) have teamed up for the One Health Challenge. The One Health Challenge is a competition for medical and veterinary students across the world, focusing on conducting community events to help with rabies prevention. The competition aims to:

  • increase visibility and awareness of the role of veterinarians and physicians in rabies prevention effort
  • increase public awareness of rabies prevention in their communities and globally
  • encourage involvement by medical and veterinary universities in World Rabies Day
  • build relationships between medical and veterinary students and their communities

Further information about these competition attached on the leaflets or visit The GARC’s website on

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